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Honestly for good soft cookies you'd be better off baking them yourself. Soft cookies aren't really a thing in China, and if you do find them they probably won't be worth the cost.

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I can't really give you advice on where to learn kung fu (which itself is a very broad term, you may want to figure out what specifically you want to learn), but in terms of self defense I just want to point out that simple boxing/kickboxing or even BJJ/grappling will be more useful than most styles of kung fu.


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The service is good and if the owner is there you can tell he wants everyone to have a good time. The food is good. Is it a Michelin restaurant? No - but this place is an oasis in the food desert of Kunming. It's good enough to remind you of home. It's good enough to be comforting.

This is the place I go to if I want Western comfort food. The owner has built a successful place with a good product in an almost hostile environment with very little available.

If I had any complaint it'd be the prices, but honestly it's not expensive enough where I feel ripped off. It is what it is - you want authentic food, you'll have to pay for it.

For any expat in town, this place should be in your regular rotation (if you have the money for it). This is about as good as it gets here.


It's a bit out-of-the-way but the space itself is well decorated and inviting, the folks working there were friendly, and the pieces and descriptions were interesting. No complaints. We didn't have any drinks this time but we'll certainly be back for another exhibition and try a drink next time.