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@Alein, Thanks for your question,here let me explain it that my grandmother family name is Zhang (),her family is 45th descendants of ZhangTan(旃檀)who are a General of yuan 's troop,here is local documents records website Links[...] can check it .as why said my grandmother family was descendants of Kublai

because her ancestor General ZhangTan as the Mongolia Royal descendants which blood from Kublai which evidence was investigated by several historical experts,I just heard a lots of stories about we are descendants of Kublai when I was childhood from my grandmother .now we just waiting to the answer from the experts research ....

It's too great, I read this nice article in here .i am also glad to see my grandmother 's hometown –Xingmeng of Tonghai county are known by a lots of people . my grandmother's ancestor was youngest son of Genghis Khan who have been Yunnan to conquer the Dali kingdom then have to lived here.[...]
Jim Goodman, I only can offer the Chinese version materials, if you need more informations about this,I am really happy to offer it .


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