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第三,这个是我的电话:13708433617(DuFei杜斐欢迎你来和我们一起交流你所说的"at the heart of hip hop".

first,thanks for all your suggestions,hope you come to our studio and talk to us about your opinions..really,i wanna tell you that we've never copied the moves from tv,we usually get chance to study with some american dancers,and that's our pleasure.I just don't know why you think that we are'copysters'?because we can dance as goood as the american dancers who taught us those moves?or you're a teacher in school who doesn't yet know 'knowledge exchanging'exists in the world?now thanks for all your opinions,we'll keep dancing my way.we really dont mind that what you think of us,cuz we still dance better,we still grow stronger,we have our own couldn't be copied from others,just by you wacthed a video from us..all the videos we uploaded,we have marked the teachers of those moves,you can search in google,or call me at 0086+13708433617(DuFei)..i'd tell you all about us,all about our moves,also,you can tell us what's the 'at the heart of hip-hop in your mind..And now,can you dance?


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