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I am looking for some stock pieces of lumber for a table top. Finished on two sides will do, but something with some meat (2" thickness or more). If need be, it can be finished already, but I would prefer to do that myself. Does anyone know about a place/neighborhood where I can go have a look?

I'm also looking for wood for picture frames, or old frames already made, plus glass, wire, glazier points, wood glue, finisher nails, etc. Any woodworking supply stores in town that have these items (and preferably more)?


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Marta and Joy's food tour was an amazing experience! My brother and sister-in-law came to Yunnan for a two-week trip around the province, and we joined with another family for the tour at the end of our trip. To this day, my brother says this was the highlight of the entire trip! Although I wish he had said some of the other things I organized for the two of them were up there (!), too, I can't disagree that Marta and Joy's food tour was, and is, one of the most interesting things to do while in town. We learned so much about the province's minority cultures, Kunming's historical sites, and the stories behind the wonderful flavors and dishes of this part of the country. I wholeheartedly agree with my brother in saying that the Yunnan in a Bowl food tour must be a part of anyone's time in Kunming; as a resident (like myself) or someone just passing through. Can't wait to see what Marta and Joy have planned for the future!