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Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming weather

I wonder if dude knows what 'concern trolling' is. It's where you say "yeah, I'm on your side, but I just have a few doubts about this..." aka industry-sponsored bullshit.

I'm an environmental scientist AMA. More than 95% of the world's climate scientists agree that human activity is causing climate change. However while it's fairly easy to demonstrate the human effect on the global climate over the long-term, seasonal weather is another matter.

Don't forget, last year was a HUGE El Niño year. This contributed to record ice melt in the Arctic Ocean over the past year, and this year we also reached a record low for global ice coverage. It has been unseasonably warm in the Arctic Ocean for most of the winter, but meanwhile Siberia has been very cold.

While I am a scientist I'm not a meteorologist so I can't really comment with expertise on Kunming's weather. I do think it probably has to do with the Arctic weather and El Niño. Actually there was recently an article I saw calling the Himalayas 'the third pole' because there is so much ice and snow there. Interesting.

*Edit: by the way does anyone know of a good weather prediction website or app that doesn't require VPN? It seems like the official services here are not really that accurate from what I can see, and at more than three days out they just tends towards '100% clear and sunny' when it's dry season and '100% cloudy/raining' the rest of the time. I guess April is a tossup?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Good hair salons?

Wandered around a bit, checked out some of the recommendations from other threads here but nil result really. I did find a few places that seem like they spend a lot more on advertising and branding than talent.

Here's the best value I could find, by far: it's called Workshop (not sure of Chinese name). They do not speak English

Price: 96 for men's cuts. Women's also available, not sure of the price.

Phone: 18669061295

Location: Shuncheng Mall (where the IMAX is), kind of behind the New Balance store on 1F floor. It's actually the 6th floor but seems to be in a residential area so you have to go in through the entrance on 1F, and you either need to leave a passport or one of the guys will come let you in.

Helpful phrases:

'jian toufa' - haircut
'duan' - short, 'chang' - long
'bu tai duan' - not too short

A new one I learned today: 'changdu' - length

Forums > Living in Kunming > Good hair salons?

Maybe I should try to be a little more helpful. In my experience the places around Nanping Jie are decent but I'd like to find somewhere that doesn't just do the standard Chinese-style butchering. Sorry but it's true. And maybe my hair's just a little fussy.


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