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It is easiest to to get a scholarship whilst in your home country, but it's not impossible if you are already in china.

It mainly comes down to a.) what your home country is.
b.)How long you want to reside in china

and c.)what you intend to study.
There are Chinese Government scholarships available.
Sometimes the university offers funding.
Confucius institute scholarship- I think you have to be a member of a Confucius institute. However, many of these are free and easy to join for the most part, it shouldn't be a problem. Bachelor students are currently paid 1400 RMB each month. Masters degree students 1700RMB each month. You are paid one off 1500RMB settlement fee. Tuition is included. Accomodation on campus is included if you live off campus they pay towards part of the fee. Under this scholarship you also have your compulsory books paid for (around 100-200 RMB otherwise). The dorm you have to pay your water and electricity fees (the most I have ever paid is 20yuan for one month) and also the big drinking water bottles (9 yuan/bottle). For scholarships starting September you have to apply by May. For March scholarships Jan/Feb. These always change and are sometimes flexible. Since last year you need a Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi 2 score (HSK 2). It is recommended that you have the Speaking and reading exams (but I only took the reading exam and was okay).

But to register at the university is your own cost (I paid 400RMB).

Good luck! :)


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