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this is a great account, thanks. I fell in love with Jianchuan on my frequent stop overs to Dali or Lijiang and always wondered why development hadn't happened there yet (although there were signs of it then). I often wondered up and down the old streets and visited the temple and museum. Well, it seems, it's all happening now, just hope they don't spoil it too much.

thanks for the update! beautifully illustrated as always... I follow every account of Shaxi, Jianchuan and the rest of Yunnan with great interest as I did my field work in Shaxi 2 years ago and love to hear about and am very interested in the changes. I believe the changes are happening so fast there, there was a whole lot of building going on at the time, all new guest houses, cafes etc. please keep it going, great work! great reading! I wish I had known about GoKunming before I went on field work! it's my fave site to keep in contact with what's happening in Yunnan, which I miss very much...


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