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We have home made milkshakes! Available tastes vary, coz we use fresh fruit to make them. Also chocolate. Also home made ice cream in it is optional. you can find us next to moondog, downtown (kundu). Come over and tell us what you think of it! See you! Frank

Forums > Living in Kunming > Chess tournament

Hello Folks! I'm Frank,

We've just opened our new cafe "Little Holland" right next to the moondog. I just spoke with Joost (moondog's owner). He asked me whether we could host your chess competition, since they will not be open during the afternoon. Feel welcome to come here and play your game while enjoying our great coffee specialties (more than 20 different kinds!), tea, beer, freshly made juices, milkshakes and so on. Our second floor is a great place for playing chess, in a nice atmosphere, without being disturbed!

Hope to see you tomorrow at Little Holland (again: right next to the moon dog).

Please call for any questions: 131 0867 7600. Send a text if no answer!



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