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Hi everyone, I am new here, too. And I am a Chinese from Fujian. I work for a power generation company as an instrumentation maintenance engineer. I also help my brother's stone carving factory do some marketing. Interestingly, what took me to this great site was a recent post that complaining at using an article by without permission.

Forums > Living in Kunming > What do I need to open a language school in YN?

It sometimes becomes difficult to do some things strictly to the regulations. I support your idea to start first before registering. If you feel it is not that good, maybe you can register a culture communication company at a 30 K registered capital for a company account.

Forums > Study > Where can I learn Chinese online?

I found this was an old question but I still like to share a very useful link at famous iciba, which lists the 2,500 most common Chinese characters and 1,000 second commons.

When you click on some character, it takes you to a page, where you can listen to the character's pronunciation, find its definition and idioms and phrases, even the stroke sequence.


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