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Forums > Living in Kunming > Vinyl Records (黑胶唱片)

Wow, thanks! I'll definitely be there, just let me know how much you want for them, I'll be ecstatic to take that off you. Is it better for you if I hang around until it's over or should I turn up before it starts? I'll be well pleased to chat about good music for a while. It's the first time I'll hear a proper DJ in China, can't wait!



Forums > Living in Kunming > Vinyl Records (黑胶唱片)

Does anyone know a place where you can get these? I'm really interested in buying old Chinese vinyl records, (especially 80's 70's and 60's records, or even before). Second hand is fine.

If anyone owns any records that they want to get rid of, please get in touch and I'll buy them off you provided they're in good condition. I'm looking from anything between Classical Chinese music to Beijing Opera or even Chinese Pop (of that era, not current Chinese Pop)

Thank you!






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Interview: DJ DSK

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What an inspiration. I'm just saving up to buy my decks and mixer and teach myself to DJ with the few vinyls that I have. I've been to so many bars in China where they play terrible music, and I always thought "I should learn how to dj and play some Fela Kuti and James Brown". It's my dream (sorry to sound so cheesy), and having someone who lives here and does it for a living is really really encouraging. Great interview. Thumbs up on the Mystro and J5 connections (incidentally I've made an old skool remix of a Mystro) track, haha), I'll be sure to check out the gig and get that CD!


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