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Forums > Study > Party sectraries

Hello, I need some information about Yunnan's party secretaries between 1967 and 1971. Is there anybody who can answer my question?
Thanks wienerwald

Forums > Living in Kunming > Driver's licence for a Yunnanese

Thanks for the comments, but can I inference that a person who possesses a driver's licence is literate? Meaning that this person has attended secondary school and uses more than 1500 characters?

Forums > Living in Kunming > Driver's licence for a Yunnanese

Hi, is there anyone who can give me some information about obtaining a driver's licence for a local resident? What skills are required (e.g. how many characters are minimum to pass the test, how old, how expensive, health test required, etc.) for Yunnan. Are there different regulations concerning Chinese provinces where to complete the course? As data for people who possess a driver's licence are available on prefecture level in Yunnan Statistical Yearbooks, those information could help me to test for human capital. Looking forward to receiving information, wienerwald


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