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@hasenman, sorry to say I don't know of some specific materials on the Nizu area itself. A few people have come to do research, one on the forests, one on mushrooms, the political economy of the village, etc. A book has been done on the birds (a copy is free to all guests at the Roadhouse). Nothing so far on the flora/fauna. There might be something on northwest Yunnan though. Not much help. Good Luck. Or, better yet, go yourself, stay at the lodge, and do it!

Thank you @geogramatt for the kind review. I've figured out why some people have thought there is a road to Daocheng. Because the map "show's one"! Indeed, on a previous printed map there is a road. The Chinese have the strange habit of printing roads that don't exist, and leaving existing roads off some maps. Funny, I think there's a research paper in there somewhere.
I'm not surprised the toilets or showers don't work, nor that the bar is depleted. One of the main reasons I've decided to take a year off (I left six months ago) was to try to get the local family to take some ownership in the place, and indeed change the light bulbs. Development is a very complicated process, but a very important step is for the locals to see it as their own. It has been my intention all along to support them in "their" lodge.
One thing that would help is for guests not to pay the total price unless they are satisfied with the amenities. Please tell the hosts the price warrants at least water!!
Kudos to all who are trying to make China better.

For faster responses and info on how to get to Nizu, contact:
Nathan Richmond

Turtle Mt. Gear & Outfitters 18708871463

I wouldn't be surprised if some big hotel chain does come in and gobbles up some land. Although, the locals so far have refused to sell any of their "holy" land. Some big Sichuan boss already has tried. Thanks for the encouragement.

Shiloh was 9 years old. We bought him in 2005, and at the same time, we spent 3000 kuai for a female Tibetan Mastiff. Two weeks later thieves jumped our wall and stole the mastiff. They didn't want the golden retriever!


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