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Forums > Travel Yunnan > China tourist visa in Vientiane??

I'm also interested in the lastest info on this subject. I'm in Jinghong and need to switch to an L visa shortly - I think Chiangmai or Laos are my best options from here and suspect that I may find Vientiane cheaper to get to and stay in (and explore) while I await the new stamp in passport. Would love to hear if that really is the case and if the visa application is still running smoothly in both places. Thanks for the good info.

Forums > Living in Kunming > European sized footware shopping

I wear a (euro) size 39 or 40 shoe (female) and cannot as yet find anything at all in Kunming to fit me that is appropriate for an evening wedding on monday. I'd love to know of any suggestions as to where to look as most stores Ive tried dont even stock my size. I'm happy to buy, hire, or borrow. Second hand is also fine. (specifically Im looking for black evening sandals or shoes, not too high, simple and flat is fine too, in decent condition for a wedding.) Any helpful suggestions will be gratefully received.


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I stumbled on this village last year - had heard that it had been built as or maintained as an "ideal/model communist village". It's an straightforward mini-bus ride from Liuke to Pihe. From there I walked out to the edge of town a few kms (the locals wanted too much to take me the 10kms up the mountain - btw it is a good sealed road) and hitched a ride up the mountainside to Luomudeng (varying pronunciations) where there is at least one small quite comfortable little guesthouse in the centre of the village. From this village, Zhiziluo is a short easy (20 minute-ish) walk along tracks above the village across the mountain face. It's a great place to visit for those who like to get out into the mountains and villages. When I left Luomudeng I walked the 10ks back down to the main road by the river to catch the next bus onwards along the Nujiang to Fugong and Gongshan etcetc. (For those less inclined to do the 10k walk, a lift on a bike or in a car can be arranged with one of the locals in Luomudeng).

@blobbles you may be pleased to know Tom made it into the valley and also left with me to do the 2 day trek out of there onwards to Cizhong. Apart from one short climb on the back of a pack horse, the bike (aka "Fitzcarraldo") was carried almost the whole way (couldnt have been done without the help from fellow traveller and shelter volunteer, Luke, also pictured). An awesome trek but insanely difficult with a bike.


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