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Forums > Living in Kunming > Massage school

Hello everyone,

Has anyone heard of a school in Kunming or Dali or around training in Tuina massage, using english.

I have a friend who is a massage therapist, coming to China to visit me and who sould be happy to extend her skills.

Thank you

Forums > Living in Kunming > Pickup Artist-Kunming

Just bring your laptop and have recorded episodes of the show with chinese subtitles, just show it to any girl and say "this is want I want to do to you; now will you follow me to the next hotel ?"
Thus you will have a deeply fulfilling life.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Seeking place to get away

Yes, Sunny Guest House is a friendly place.
Just next to it just opened a hotel with rooms called Jacky's. I don't know how good it is, but the Jacky in question speaks excellent English and has travelled in many mountain ranges. Apparently many Swiss travellers and hikers are expected.
Just in front of Jacky's pened a few days ago a restaurant. It's about 30kuai per person for food to stuff your belly for days. You choose what you want to be cooked from the fridge. The cooking is apparently done on the floor. There were 2 waiters watcing us the whole time, checking our cups were always full of tea. Strange.


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Thank you Steve5150 for your comment and concern.
I certainly don't want to give the Mask bad press, and, of course, I do come back to the Mask as often as go to Kundu.
The incident was totally unrelated to the place, and my only impression of the Mask, as I said, is of smiling and tolerant people, friends on the stairs, pretty girls sitting around playing dice and chatting.

I didn't see it as a fight, as I had no hostile intention toward this angry chap. I am happy to hear he apologised (not to me, though).
Seems hooligans are very insecure people.
The staff -or a bouncer- couldn't have intervened anyway as it happened very quickly.
It was just an incident of life as can happen anywhere. Thank you Alex for preparing a bag of ice without second thoughts. I said I would return the cloth he wrapped the ice, butI can't seem to find it.