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Forums > Living in Kunming > JASMINE The Plague, BEWARE!

I have met 1000s of chinese...but her personality among females I met was by far the worst. Sometimes you think that stupidity cannot be topped...but ...Jasmine. Hope she will find a 80 years western geek on asia friend finder and get a chance to see how the @[email protected] world is. just speechless

Forums > Living in Kunming > Beware long running fraud and theft of services racket!

Just to clear up some things. You do NOT need a working visa when acting or modelling only for a few days. I am just wondering sometimes why people still working for her (except those who never heard about her) even longer and complaining after even though they meanwhile knew this girls attitude. This girl was a kindergarden teacher till early 2005...and through a guanxi got the chance to recruit foreigners for a production in KM. Sure she had no experiences but there even physical fights between her and some foreigners because she was lying and ... (you read her postings and can imagine what I mean) not paying them. Some foreigners and me who played longer in some productions could observe her being kicked out of the productions because they want to keep their good reputations and not being messed up through someone like Jasmine. When Jasmine says 300 for the whole shooting and not getting payed overtime...thats bullshit. The productions are paying it...just Jasmine is lying. She even hands to assisant directors all her fapiaos from busses and taxes to get payed... . Well I could write romans about it... . If its just an hour shooting in Kunming at a nearby side, just go and have fun. If its longer and outside in the prarie...just beware if you would do it for the money... .

Forums > Living in Kunming > about acting work

Jasmine...never learns it haha. Just beware you all...having this kind of agent will cause you huge trouble. This woman is a notorious lyer...

Forums > Living in Kunming > DHL

EMS is cheaper but when I tracked it twice I realized that each time the envelop stayed in Guangzhou for several days. DHL is one problem. They are very fast, but if you get something delivered to Kunming, they often dont find the place to deliver it. And then you have a problem to figure out where it is. In this case we had to go near the airport to pick it up

Forums > Living in Kunming > JASMINE The Plague, BEWARE!

hahaha...she is back on the job? Be sure to get in trouble when having this :AGENT: . She is also often kicked out of the movies team and you dont see your money or much less than arranged. Just beware! This woman is pathetic


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This place is the italian pendant to the french cafe, each in its own way but same style. Maybe some coaching in Customer Relation Management would do some good.