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Forums > Study > Chinese classes during semester break?

thanks bernie for your useful comments, your concern for the teachers of kunming is indeed touching, but if are some who wish to earn extra money during the break then i am not one to stop them.

thanks weixue, i'll look them up, but i was hoping to take some structured group classes.

Forums > Study > Chinese classes during semester break?

Hi, I'm here til end of Feb/beginning of March and want to take classes during the week (hopefully up to 5 days a week). It seems the main schools are on semester break at the moment, but I enquired at Dongfang college on Wenlin Jie and they said if they get enough interest they will run classes throughout the holiday (I think at least 5 students per class). I am hoping to do Mon - Fri.

If anyone is interested or if there are any other classes running thru the break please let me know. Cheers!


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