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Expensive? You can get a very good Android phone for 500 yuan from Taobao, install a whole bunch of free dictionaries from the Android market like GoldenDict, then load up another set of free learning Chinese apps such as Daily Chinese or Learn Chinese Free. I've got these installed both on my phone and my 7" tablet, and they come in handy quite often.

If you don't want to carry around a laptop in your pocket, then just pick a good phone. I myself am rather annoyed by carrying two separate devices when one can do the job.

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That's a tough break there, but it's actually good that you are getting that "Format Drive Before Use" message. That usually means that you just have a corrupted file system rather than actual physical damage to the hard drive. Of course, if your drive is making any strange noises or clicking sounds, then you're pretty much out of luck unless you want to hire a professional data recovery firm. It's $300 an hour in the U.S. I would not have any idea what it would cost here in China.

If you formatted the drive on a Mac, then it would probably be using HFS+ rather than the factory default FAT32 or NTFS file systems, meaning that the NTFS recovery tools would be of little use to you. However, you can always try Photorec at, which has worked well for me before in the past. It's not designed for amateurs, but if you read the instructions carefully, it can work wonders (Us Linux guys just fire up ddrescue and let it have a go ;-). If I was in Kunming at the moment, I'd be glad to help you out, but I just got done with a two day visit and am probably not going to be back until the next holiday, so you definitely do not want to wait that long. If you have any problems though, you're welcome to email me at since I don't check this website very often. Good luck with everything!

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Unless you can somehow pick up the International Channel of Shanghai here, I'm afraid that watching the AFL in anything other than a sporadic Internet feed is probably not going to happen.

If it makes you feel any better though, it looks like that I'm not even going to have a NBA season this year as the players and owners are about as close on negotiations as they were three months ago. Oh well... back to ESPN Classic and Youtube.

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If you take your laptop from place to place as often as I do, then I highly recommend the 3G USB Modem from China Telecom. It's 500 for the modem and 540 for six months (which works out to 90 a month for the service) but the most important thing is that there is *no* bandwidth cap on it-only a 100 hours per month limit. Most of the phone based 3G plans, while convenient with a Bluetooth DUN profile, have a very small bandwidth cap.

I've been using mine for almost five months now pulling 17-24GiB a month watching TV and bittorrenting movies not available on the Chinese sites. Although download speeds in Kunming tend to be a bit on the low side due to all of the 3G users here, it's equivalent to or better than ADSL when you travel to less densely populated areas. It sure beats the pants off any of the U.S. carriers with the exception of Sprint, who really does make good on their "unlimited data" plan and not the 5GiB caps of the others. If you like to travel as much as I do, then it's really a no-brainer.


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A great find for us history minded folks with plenty of artifacts, stories, and best of all, the actual train engines themselves (the centerpiece of any train museum). The presentation is on par with the exhibits at the Smithsonian, and almost everything is bilingual, meaning that you don't have to be able to read Chinese in order to understand what the photos and objects in front of you are and why they are memorable. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys history or trains in general.

If you take your time and read everything, it'll take you over an hour to go through the exhibits, meaning that your 10 yuan will be well spent. Just be aware that the shed with the engines themselves is located down the road from the front of the museum in an apartment complex, so it took us two tries to find it. To avoid our mistake, make sure you go down the road past the rail crossing and then look on your right side for a small open square where the shed will be. Thanks to a tree blocking the view from the road, the sign is not easily noticeable.