Over ten years ago, this commercial complex of less than 20,000 square meters was ​​the Yunnan Yuanzheng Bearing Factory. During a trying period for the factory, a group of local artists rented out the space at a reduced rate to be used as art studios. Today, the area has become a landmark of personality and vitality, showcasing the city’s cultural heritage and artistry.

The park can be divided into five main sections: the Loft office area, the block with creative stores, container stores, the Think Tank Art Gallery, and the bar and shopping street.

The "May 3rd Youth Art Festival" held here every year is a symbolic activity popular among artistic youth. In addition, new product launches, concerts, academic lectures, art exhibitions, drama performances, press conferences, animation exhibitions and many other events are held here throughout the year.

Those who love art need look no farther to find well-known designer studios, domestic contemporary art galleries, artist studios, publishing houses, and bookstores with imported books. The liveliest art gathering in Yunnan can all be experienced here.

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  • Name108 Loft Complex
  • Address5 Kunjian Lu, just off of Dianmian Dadao, Kunming
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108 Loft Complex • 5 Kunjian Lu, just off of Dianmian Dadao

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