The One is at present the city's only garden-style resort hotel. Located in the southern part of Bo'ai Lu, the resort overlooks the entire ancient city and is only at a 5-minute walking distance from Wumiao Temple (Warlord Temple), Honglong Jing, Foreigner Street and Renmin Lu.

71 villas of different styles sits at the backdrop of the Cangshan mountain range, facing Erhai Lake. Private courtyard are exquisitely comfortable. Inside the villas one can enjoy stunning views of adjacent snow-capped mountains, or enjoy an evening bath under the moon lighting up the valley. In the courtyard, the red maple leaves and the blooming lavender murmur with the ancient eaves under a blue sky.

Read a book, sip your tea while enjoying the year-round warm weather. Echoing to the nature,

brand-new The One Resort is the perfect component for the ultimate Dali experience.

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The One Resort • 9 Bo'ai Lu

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