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  • NameDajizhou Korean Restaurant
  • AddressKunzhou Lu, Kangyuan Xiang, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 68170466
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Dajizhou Korean Restaurant • Kunzhou Lu, Kangyuan Xiang



Easily my favorite Korean place in Kunming. Friendly, honest, service. Flexible menu, actual Korean chef, not pricey, not fancy- but clean, fresh, fast.

They can speak good Mandarin and Korean, coming from the USA I simply know the Korean names of Korean dishes, so that it is nice to be able to request stuff without knowing the Chinese names for Korean food.

Really like the variety of cultured vegetables.

Only complaint is that they close too early (9:30-ish), and don't really have desserts (like most Chinese restaurants). A little bit out of the way, about 10 minutes from Jiaoling Lu by bike.