Yunnan Dashan Drinks Co., Ltd was established in 2002 in Kunming. A Sino-foreign joint venture company (established February 2010), we are dedicated to the production and sales of "Dashan" and "Yunnan Shanquan" drinking water. The investors are the company's founder Mr.Shan Guoyong and Nestlé, the world's leading Healthy Hydration Company. Today, the company has become one of the top ten packaged drinking water companies in China and a leading company in Yunnan Province. "Dashan"— "Yunnan Shanquan" have become favored and trust brands to local consumers. In addition to 750 regular employees,there are nearly 5000 people working in related sales, logistics and service jobs for company.

We believe that Dashan originates from society, and so should contribute to social development. Dashan's core value of corporate business is to develop harmoniously and create a win-win mechanism with commitment to public welfare and consumer needs as well as corporate profit. We advocate opening up, team work and improving together. We stress a pragmatic approach and emphasize trust and respect for each other. Meanwhile, we consider our employee's spiritual development, and therefore build the Party Organization, League Committee and Labor Union.

To date, the "Dashan" – "Yunnan Shanquan" retail network has covered not only over 95% Yunnan Province market but also adjacent regions and countries and cooperate with almost 300 long-term retail distributors. The HOD service network also covers multiple regions in the province and includes almost 300 water shops. In the future, we will be an even stronger force in the packaged drinking water industry. With our passion for our products and our deep understanding of consumers, the local team will fully leverage the international advanced technology, operation experience and brand culture of Nestlé to provide ever safer and healthier water and higher quality service to meet and satisfy customers' need.

Product Description

Presently our main products include Yunnan Shanquan natural spring water (330ml\550ml\1500ml) and natural mineral water (5G).

Every drop of Yunnan Shanquan water is natural and sourced from deep underground (497meters); it never comes from surface water or municipal water. Our products are produced with elaborate technologies including advanced international water treatment equipment. Yunnan Shanquan offers a cool and sweet taste, rich in many beneficial minerals such as calcium, magnesium and metasilicic acid. Yunnan Shanquan is a well known local brand offering healthy, safe and high quality hydration.

The customer service (water ordering) line of Yunnan Shanquan is 96133. Your call-in is welcome and we will offer warm-hearted service to you.

Listing info
  • NameYunnan Dashan Drinks Co., Ltd. (Yunnan Shanquan)
  • AddressYunnan Shanquan Office Building #1393 Dianchi Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 96133(waterdelivery),0871-4637411(corporateoffice)
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Yunnan Dashan Drinks Co., Ltd. (Yunnan Shanquan) • Yunnan Shanquan Office Building #1393 Dianchi Lu

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