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  • NameYuan Yi
  • Address21 Qilin Xiang, Qujing
  • Phone(0874) 3136108
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Yuan Yi • 21 Qilin Xiang

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This places environment is excellent, wait staff are great and the menu is huge. They have an awesome menu, everything from tuna salad to pizza and fries to Tibetan sour milk to spicy noodles or an expresso and everything in between. Not only that, it's all in English and Chinese both! They also have a pretty good selection of cocktails, Mojitos, long island ice tea or tequila sunrise. Plus the quality isn't bad at all! For Qujing I expected not much, but this place is great. The boss apparently is from Tibet so a wide range of things on offer here. I poked my head in the associated book shop across the walking street and it also looks top notch. A great place to hang out when in Qujing.