Japanese-style Teppanyaki restaurant. Food cooked at your table.

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  • NameFeiyang Teppanyaki
  • Address10 Jinshi Lu, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 65701711
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Feiyang Teppanyaki • 10 Jinshi Lu

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The atmosphere is quite nice, modern, and clean. Of course, it's also great fun to watch your food being cooked teppanyaki style. The service is also quite good. The last time I went I kept trying to pour myself Coke from the bottle we had purchased and the waitress kept running over to pour it for me. I also had a huge dinner party with 26 people and the staff was quite helpful with reservations, etc.

Now on to the food. It's incredible! It's obvious that the meat is of a much higher quality than other places around here as it's tender and flavorful. Everything I have ever had here has been great. I especially like the terriyaki beef with wasabi in the dipping sauce and the sticky rice stuffed lotus.

**Update: I am also sad about the new menu which raised prices drastically and got rid of some of the foreign-favorite dishes. :( Sometimes they will still make them if you ask, sometimes not. Beer battered apple rings, where are you???


In the past few weeks most, if not all, of the Feiyang branches have upgraded menus and some have renovated. Annoyingly some of my favourite dishes have disappeared to be be replaced with poor but expensive replacements.

From my last visit expect prices to have nearly doubled - I kid you not.


I had been to FeiYang few times. The teppanyaki is good and the price reasonable (except if you order the scallop (6 yuan per piece) or other sea food). Depending on who cooks for you the taste would be quite very different. Last time I had a semi-raw beef on pepper sauce which I did not appreciate. The fried curry rice is okay and cheap!!! A problem is that they ask you to use the "sanitary" utensils and charge you one yuan, and the utensils seem not-very-clean.... another yuan for the tissue paper.... Anyway, I like the scallops very much!!!

Hey, there is a new Japanese restaurant in BaiDai XinTianDi called "Ajisen Ramen" that you can't miss. Ajisen Ramen is a HK-listed Japanese restaurant with its famous pork-soft-bone noodles. A must try!!!

Many people lining up there when I visited on Sunday.... Is it the first in Yunnan???