Japanese-style Teppanyaki restaurant. Food cooked at your table.

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  • NameFeiyang Teppanyaki
  • Address69 Wacangzhuang, Kunming
  • Phone(0871) 63624411
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Feiyang Teppanyaki • 69 Wacangzhuang

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This is my favourite Feiyang. It's a lot more spacious than the one on Jiaoling Lu.

Other reviewers have given a good description of the food and service. However I have to reiterate the Japanese beef is awesome.

For draft beer fans, they stock KK draft. It's nothing special but it's cold and wet and 15 kuai a pitcher.

Feiyang have discount cards that can get you up to 15% off. Used to cost 100 kuai or sometimes a friendly manager gives you a free one.

Depending on what you order, meals can cost from 20-40 kuai per head (with drinks). I think it's best to go in a larger group so you can get more variety without wasting too much food.

It closes at 2am for late night snackers.