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Champions League final!!

theisb (1 post) • 0

Hi there,
I simply HAVE TO watch the Atletico-Real game and assuming that many out there feel the same way.

Anyone know what places that for sure are showing it???

Luis Figo (44 posts) • 0

as a football fan, nobody want to miss the game. I think you can check the bars in the Street of Wenlin/ watching the game & enjoying the will be great!

Tim Verplancke (28 posts) • 0

Hi guys,
We would normally have the finals at Oreillys but due to martial law in Thailand our satellite is currently down. Might be back up for game, but might not be...
Sorry for the inconvenience!!!

hasenmanhasenman (48 posts) • 0

time zone super computer converter said 3:45am..either way, unsurprisingly late. this american will skip this one and watch the replay at O'Reilly's..Tim replay??

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