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Fitting a new bridge to a violin

stews (5 posts) • 0

Does anyone in Kunming have experience fitting a new bridge blank to a violin? My bridge has been lost and I need a new one.


Maxchina (26 posts) • 0

Hi. I am now in beijing I know a place where maybe I can get it. I am coming tomorrow to kunming.

If you know the exact size of the one you need I can have a look for you and buy it if I find it! Contact me tonight. I have time for find it tomorrow morning.

stews (5 posts) • 0

Thanks, Liumingke1234, if I can't find anyone to do it for me, I'll definitely try to do it myself.

Thanks, Maxchina. I have a bridge blank, but I need someone to fit it for me.

blueice (73 posts) • 0

Hey, what part of km are you in? If you live in the west, I can do it, or you can go to 西昌路 and find any of the violin shops.

stews (5 posts) • 0

Hi, blueice, I sent you a private message. If you've replied to it, I don't know how to view your message. I'm a little new to these forums.

Maxchina (26 posts) • 0

Hi today I was in a street where had a lot of music shop .

Zhuan tang Rd 篆塘路 not far from the touristic center.

Some had bridge in the glass in the front of the shop and I asked them if they can make it for you they say yes. Have many many

Good luck

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