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Does somebody know the MUST Colombian Cafe?

ranmaakane (5 posts) • 0

I got a call from my friend, said that there is a Colombia coffee shop in Kunming, they can brew Colombia coffee and provide some western food. I will go to Kunming for my holiday, and who can tell me the precise place. Thanks!

Parallel (3 posts) • 0

it is two doors down from Salvadors, the people that advertise here on the site, on foriegner street. To be honest I do not know the name of the street, wish I could help more. But foriegner street is well known, and you will see it there.

halel (2 posts) • 0

the adress?

is near to the Movie Centre of Jianshe Road
Bulding No.19, Wenhua Street
do not hesitate to go!!!
excelent coffee!

halel (2 posts) • 0

If you want to taste the best coffee, made with all colombian coffee tradition, go there! we tryied three different in the menu, and, know what? all were fantastic!

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