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Best way to do Fuxian Lake?

rick dikulous (18 posts) • 0

I know there have been some threads on Fu xian lake.
But, I would like to hear some updated opinions on:

What are the best ways to get to fuxian, how long it takes, options?

Best places to sleep while there?

Swimming, boating?

How to get around the lake if you don't bring a bicycle?


mike4g_air (788 posts) • 0

If you rent/have a bike I can bring you and your bike/gear to Fu Xian lake, show you places / things to do.

I'm going sunday 29th morning 8am

158 2525 6431

The Mike (19 posts) • 0


Go to the South bus terminal (you can take the C71 bus from Kunming Train Station). You can take a bus from the South Bus Station to Chengjiang. From Chengjiang bus terminal you can take a city bus (the #2) directly to the lake. There are some places to sleep on the lake, but I'm not sure about the prices. Food seems pretty cheap here and the people are proud of their fish dishes. You can swim in the lake, rent a paddle boat, and hang around. Its a nice setting for anything relaxing. Have fun!

Jjodiyl (20 posts) • 0

Just wanna get an update on how to visit Cheng Jiang. The last message posted was 3 years ago... anyone ?
Thanks in advance.

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