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Downloadweb, worth the money?

tigertiger - moderator (5092 posts) • 0

I have been trying to download torrents. Mostly from btjunkie. Some are shown as fast downloads which link to Downloadweb (a pay service).

Does anyone use these pay services?
Are they any good/worth the money?

laotou (1714 posts) • 0

Most of those sites are geared for "not in China" users. So the alleged speed downloads are dubious. And the purpose of torrents was free sharing. Pay sites kind of defeat the purpose of torrents.

Also - you may want to check out sites like verycd.com, youku.com, tudou.com, etc for movies, books, etc.

Neverwinter (26 posts) • 0

I agree with laotou, however... supposedly due to the recent tightening of copyright measures, illegitimate software and media have been systematically removed from the above-mentioned web sites. For example, in the past I was able to download the newest version of Photoshop, MS Office etc. from VeryCD which worked perfectly; nowadays, it's no longer possible. The same goes for Youku, when I tried to search for some Hollywood film there all I got were trailers.

Among the alternatives, I'd suggest that you download the official version of eMule (NOT the VeryCD version) and search away! Due to the many network issues peculiar to China, the download speed may leave much to be desired; then you can simply: Copy the ED2K link in eMule - Open up Thunder (迅雷) - Create new download, so that you'll be able to obtain downloads from both the BitTorrent network and the eMule network simultaneously... effectively doubling, or even tripling the incoming data flow.

The only concern with this may be the ethical issue, since Thunder has been labelled by the P2P community as a leech... Not that it concerns me much, though.

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