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motorbike in kunming-registration.

Andi123 (1 post) • 0


Is there anyone out there that has a motorbike in kunming?

I am wondering about how to get it registered? i believe you have to live outside the second ring road? and you cant get insurance if you are not registered?

The bike's current registration (from Ganzhou) is about to run out and so i have to try to sort something out here.

If anyone if interested or knows about this, the bike is actually for sale as i plan to leave china in the near future. thanks for any info.

HELEN W (3 posts) • 0


In kunming the motorbike its not allow to ride in 2 ring road .especially the Vehicle license plate is not kunming and is not A0 or A1.Like us we ride motorbike to travel .out of kunming .

if you want more info u can send email to me.

[email protected]

skittles (11 posts) • 0

I have a motorcycle from Jinan. After exploring the idea of registering it in Kunming I found out that there are no more motorcycles being registered in Kunming. I also found out that no out-of-province motorcycles are allowed inside the Kunming city limits and the only way for me to renew my registration (expired over a year ago) is to send it back to Jinan. I was told at the train station that I could not put it on a train which would mean riding it across China, again. Once was enough for me. Mine sits quietly in my garage as I prefer it there to the police lot. I live outside the ring roads so I do take it out once and a while for ride through the hills but as I see more and more traffic stops I choose my scoots for daily transpo. Anyone have any backdoor ideas for this sort of thing???

YuantongsiYuantongsi (716 posts) • 0

Have you tried getting the bike registered in Anning, Songming or Qujing (Not part of Kunming city,,maybe easier) But still you cant ride in Kunming within the 2 ring.

Or you could cough up 15K (about) and try to buy an old YunA plate.

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