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Mandarin one-on-one tutor

gracelao (1 post) • 0

I am interested in learning Mandarin while in Kunming. I am a beginner, so I would prefer a tutor with proficient English language skills as well as background in tutoring and/or teaching.

Is there anyone you recommend?

I am particularly interested in a tutor who will prepare lesson plans and give out homework rather than a general conversation exchange.

Thank you for your help!

Onmyway (3 posts) • 0

Hi, I have no any background of teaching/tutoring, but I have no any problem to communicate in English. I am having a break before work and feel I could do something about teaching or tutoring. If you're interested in, please contact me by 13888305407.

All the best

kongxu (1 post) • 0

i'm interested in learning japanese while in kunming. Can anybody help? I'm a native English speaker (male) from Australia.

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