Some information about the new chabad house in town

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Remember that time when you can go and celebrate ChunJie, Christmass and Hanukka in Kunming? Isn't it lovely that all the cultures come together, visit one another, learn from one another, share their cultural heritage with other people from around the globe? No more! Chabad is in town!

So what is Chabad?
Chabad is a sect in Judaism, some would say, a different religion all together, because of their messianic agenda and almost christian-like communities structure. most people see them as part of the ultra-orthodox Jews like in the communities you can find in Brooklyn. actually, their main base is still there. It started in Russia but really gained power during the rein of the all mighty Rebbe Zalman Shnieor, who implied various times before his death that he is the Messiah. to he's follower's shock, he died in 1994. Rebbe Shnieor AKA the Rebbe from Leibuvich thought that the key for redemption is to save the Jews around the world from mixing with the gentiles(like you, yes you!), and he started a project of opening up "Chabad houses" around the globe, now counting around 4000. The Chabad House suppose to give jews around the world a place where they can remember that they are the "chosen ones", that the whole world should bow to our feet, and that we suppose to wait, with extreme enthusiasm, to the very-soon-to-be second coming of the bearded weird guy from Leibov.

The Chabad houses in the far east are very popular with young Israelis, although far from religious life usually, Israelis find that the free food, a fake sense of home(because most of us are not religious), and the charismatic Rabbi makes it a good place to be during Jewish festivals.

The Israeli community here in Kunming used to have a lot of Shabat(Friday night) dinners where we would invite our friends to share some food and wine, Israeli style. I'm sorry to inform you that this can't go on no more, because Chabad Houses do not allow non-Jews to participate in their activities(Don't worry, the food sucks. how good can be a humus that was flown all the way from Israel? yachs). In Hong Kong, where a lot of Jewish businessman are married to Chinese, the wife has to stay home, because the rabbi, well, doesn't like this. sorry.

What you can do, is to challenge your Israeli classmate, roommate, boyfriend, girlfriend, and ask him:"why do you go there? why do you go to place that in Israel you won't get even near it? are you afraid I'm going to mix with your pure Jewish blood? is it the humus? the tehina?" and see the reaction.

Tomorrow afternoon is Jewish new year's, and the Chabad house is going to hold it's first banquet. I'm not going, as I prefer to be discriminated than the discriminator, I live very near the Chabad house(Same Xiao qu). you are all welcome to an apple with honey, some good music(music is not allowed during religious festival, you know, fun), and good friends.

Happy new year and Shana Tova

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I might not agree with everything in communism but I'm 100 percent behind their suppression of religion. High five to Raznik for taking a step back from something that borders fanaticism. Religion poisons everything.

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I agree with you in 100%!!! though was about to go there tomorrow.

We are 5 friends living/traveling here, we would like to join you.

We can come early to help you preper something bigger

And if you have problem with place we offer our house

please send me your number

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I think my house would be enough. Though, with the proximity to the Chabad house it can be a bit funny battle.

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OK. Great news!
EVERYBODY is welcome to celebrate Jewish new year's tomorrow in YunAnShangPing, Hong Shan Dong Lu, near slice of heaven.
Come at around 19:00, bring wine or food. We'll arrange some traditional food. You can call me to 13759165400.
If you really want to go to Chabad house, it's just around the corner.

Bring friends

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??? I'm not a very observant Jew, and people who know me (Nathaniel, from France) know that I have been holding a lot of Jewish festivals at home since I've been here, always bringing together Jews and non-Jews...

However, I can only disagree with what I see written above:
- I've been in a lot of Chabad Houses, many times, and non-Jews were allowed.
- The only people not allowed in China are the Chinese themselves, but this is not because Chabad doesn't want them, it is because Chinese law doesn't allow Chabad to let them in

My message on the other thread was just to say: Rosh Hashana is definitly NOT the festival I would invite my non-Jewish friends to to get a glimpse of Jewish celebrations in general.

Anyway, nobody knows the new Chabad family yet, and I believe as Rosh Hashana is more than any other festival the festival of "reconciliation" and unity, one dinner is better than two separate dinners. Let's give them a chance, and meet each other.

Besides, as a reminder, in diaspora, there are 2 sedarim for Rosh Hashana, so if enough people are ready to show up, my door is open to everybody on the second eve (Thursday). Just let me know.

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Important please read!! Chabad House in KM

Its a shame people are reaching conclusions and post harsh views and details without really knowing what is going on and without contacting the organizers. My name is Erez and I also am not a very observant Jew, but being away from home for many years I find Chabad's work very important if only to keep a little of the customs and traditions that are so far away from me here in China. I have visited all Chabad houses in China and was never forced to do or say anything I didn't believe in, and my liberal views were always respected.

As to the remarks above- The Chabad family just arrived in Kunming this Sunday with only a few days to adjust and prepare. Though not being familiar with Kunming or with Chinese language they have been going out of their way to prepare a meal and celebrate the new year. The matter of fact is due to rushed organization, food and time limits they are trying to keep it small for this holiday. In the future they will have an open door to all, of course with the restrictions of Chinese law.

If you prefer having you own celebration no problem, great ! But there is no need to write harsh things without being familiar with the situation.

Wherever you will be my friends, I wish you an happy new year!

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I'm sorry if anyone feelings got hurt from my style of writing, I didn't mean to offend no one. the remark about jewish blood and all that was humorous and should be taken as such. As for the content, I'm still behind it, some of it is well known, as a quick search in google can show you . some of it is based on my own experience, things that I've seen, and things that I heard from close friends. As you can understand from my knowledge on the subject, I have also been to many Chabad houses. but today, as I got older, I started to question my own motives and to question the motives of the Chabad people.
If someone is worried from the "washing of the dirty laundry outside", I believe that this kind of publication is the best Israel can wish for. We have normal problems just like everybody else, and people has different opinions and they are not afraid to say them out loud.

Ohh... I just heard that the chabad people are inviting non-jews to the party! let me take off my hat, I hope this attitude will continue.

Happy holidays!

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I would like to offer a (somewhat preachy) perspective that I hope raises some questions.

Having any kind of social identity based on religion or national cultures is a terrible idea. The idea of preserving a particular culture is also terrible, it should be CULTURE AS SUCH that is defended against erasure therof. You know community, poetry, music, art, debate, thought, food etc.

Jews should be defined as anyone who energetically practices or wrestles with certain rituals, customs, languages etc., or feels a strong and brave tie to them. And such people wod not only be Jews.

Chinese should be be the same.

If you can speak Chinese fluently and are tied deeply to it, you are culturally Chinese. If you were born in Jinhong to a Dai family, but study hebrew, celebrate Passover etc., you are just as Jewish, if not more, than say Bob Dylan or a million other "genetic" jews.

And none of these things should be your social identity, or your group that you are loyal to, anymore than being a jogger, surfer, sci fi addict, painter, or chef is. Now rinse and repeat forever. Your social identity might be something like "human being" "global citizen" or some similiar concept.

There used to be Jews in China but they were assimlated due to lack of anti-semitism. They lost their culture, because it wasn't their's anymore-and they gained another one, more suited to where they had moved too.
So no loss at all, actually.

The idea of a jewish diaspora still happening now is ridicluous or at least anti-human, as is the idea of a Jewish state. Follow this logic to it's conclusion.

It is 2011, genetic/racial identity, public religious identity, cultural homelands etc. should have seen their day by now.

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