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Visa in Lijiang

Dan Siekman (102 posts) • 0

They used to be on Fuhui Road, but they've moved. Phone number is still the same, though: 0888-518-8437

My Lijiang geography isn't so good, so I couldn't quite piece together the address the guy was saying on the phone, but maybe you'll have better luck. If you find it and can post the address here it would be much appreciated.

ThroughTheWindow (4 posts) • 0

Hi. I live in Lijiang and have been to PSB many times..

1. Yes the helpful girls there speak very good English..

2. Best go between 9.30 - 11.30 0r 2-4.30.. they have long lunch hours and sometimes close early..

3 Take a taxi is easiest.. about 10-12 rmb from most parts of the city..

4. Taxi address: 丽江市公安局出入境管理处
Go up the big stairs and straight through.. the foreign visa section is on the right hand side..

5. They will usually take only 2 days to get the extension. I have been there on my last day of visa.. but once they give you the receipt (for your passport) you can still travel.. I went to Shangrila and came back 3 days later to collect.. They don't keep your passport.. so when you return, don't get taxi to wait,.. because they will take a little while to prepare and insert our visa etc.. when you return.. hence best to NOT arrive at 11.45am or 4.45.. :-)

You will pay 160rmb.. for extension.. (NZ PP) but best make sure you have the correct money.. not give 2 x 100's

When you come to Lijiang.. drop and and see us if you need some info on local stuff or travel to Tiger leaping gorge etc.. at Through the Window Cafe.. Check us out on Tripadvser.com

Good luck with your travels..

HanneLine (5 posts) • 0

Wow thanks, that's more information than I would have dared to hope for!

See you in Lijiang-thank you again for your help.

ThroughTheWindow (4 posts) • 0

Ha ha. no problem.. takes but a few minutes.. and I know how much time it can save. I appreciate the information I get from people all the time.. take care..

See you in Lijiang

PS I am next to the Chinese school i think my kiwi friend here recomended to you on another post.. so you can kill 2 birds with one stone. pop in for coffee and check out the school too..

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