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How to watch live football on a Mac?

danmai'sker (1 post) • 0

I desperately need to find out how to watch live football on my mac.. I know about pplive and the other Chinese sites. But as far as I can tell their software is PC only.
Any mac users out there with some with all the answers?

piers (144 posts) • 0

I've found that the best programs for streaming are sopcast and veetle. There is a version of veetle for mac. Just download and install.

Sopcast is more complicated to use but if you can get it to work, well worth it. I suggest you go to www.myp2p.eu and follow the instructions on the site for installing/using the different types of streaming software. It's all free and once it's set up v easy to use. Saves a lot of time hunting for streams from nasty, ad-filled websites.

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