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Any thoughts on Surmount Gym?

JustSomeGuy (23 posts) • 0

I am looking for a gym in that general area and I wanted to know what experience others have had with this facility. Are there others nearby that you would recommend instead?

DaMiao (66 posts) • 0

It's OK. Been a member there since they opened a few years back.Most of their better trainers have moved on. They have a pretty good variety of weights and strength training equipment as well as a dozen or so running machines, some stationary bikes and stair climbers.The equipment, especially the ellipticals, is showing some wear. They also have an indoor bike racing setup with about 20 bikes and a big screen. It's pretty popular. Mornings and early afternoons aren't too crowded, but late afternoons and evenings can be quite busy. You can find yourself waiting for stations or a shower. Locker room is pretty safe for storing valuables. Haven't heard of any thefts. Plenty of smoke in there,though, as the staff and management refuse to enforce the no smoking policy. There's another.newer gym in the GINGKO building that might be worth checking out. Haven't been there myself. You can access it through the tunnel that runs between the 2 buildings. Entry is on the left.

DaMiao (66 posts) • 0

No, I don't. It's in the tunnel that parallels Baita Lu. I've just seen the sign and from what I understand it's where a lot of the trainers from Surmount migrated to.
BTW, watch out for the gang of big beefy guys (10-12) who hang out in Surmount in the early afternoon. They're pretty obvious by their size and the extraordinary amount of grunting and moaning that they do. They sound like they're getting a big stiffy up the back door. They're narco cops from the big police building on Beijing Lu and they don't take kindly to being told to put their cigarettes out. That's why the staff and management are afraid to confront them about it. The guy I accosted (didn't know he was a cop at the time)did put out his cigarette but now I'm getting the evil eye from the rest of the gang.

DaMiao (66 posts) • 0

The gym is located on the sixth floor of the Gingko building and accessed by the aforementioned tunnel and elevator. Phone number is 3140999.

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