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crackdown in kunming?

blindseer (1 post) • 0

what's up with the apparent crackdown in kunming with respect to dvd/music stores (my favorite mom&pop store on yi'er'yi dajie across from the qinghua bookstore has shelves so bare it looks like they are on the verge of bankruptcy)? also, what about the wenlinjie/wenhuaxiang crackdown on restaurants having tables outside their joints? even the convenience store next to the french cafe can display it's stuff outside anymore.

piers (144 posts) • 0

Not sure about the DVD stores but the tables on wenhua xiang are deemed to be an eyesore on the beauty of wenhua xiang. Usually these things are enforced for a week or two then life reverts but this time wuhua gov't might stick to their guns.

justally (7 posts) • 0

things about dvd(piracy) is governments around China esp. in Guangdong & Hongkong which are regarded as the mother of piracy~ are more and more determined to ban as many illegal producers as they can. Esp. for the last 2 months...nightmare la
so, god bless Emule

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