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Yunnan Normal Students?

Curty (1 post) • 0

Dajia hao,

I'm coming to Kunming next week an am wondering who will be my Lihai Laowai classmates at well as cool places to hang out & see (besides what's listed in Ronery Pranet)

Anyone there yet? Getting there soon?



adamk (3 posts) • 0

I have not yet enrolled, but was told I can do so in person, perhaps in the next couple days.

we should all meet up!

ellie (4 posts) • 0

heya, i'll be coming in on monday and another guy at the school i'm at right now is coming sometime next week... he only speaks spanish and chinese though :] shoot me an e-mail ([email protected]) and we can all go pound the town or something, i'm excited for the cooler weather!!!

Jared (19 posts) • 0

Hey, I'll be starting as a student this semester at Yunnan Normal. I've been here a year teaching English. It'd be great to meet up before classes get going. I'd be happy to show folks around.


email: [email protected]
mobile: 13013356584

raeshi (4 posts) • 0

kunming is my hometown.for my part,it's the most charming city and land of wonder in the world!ahaha wherever you come from,whatever you want to know,wherever you want to be ~~~just let me know,i bet you will have a very good time here!!!!
welcome to kunming,welcome to yunnan!
by the way,i am a senior student,you can contact me with e-mail:[email protected]

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