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Win a Free Paragliding Trip!!

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Uprock Bar and Paraglide Yunnan are teaming up to offer you a chance to win a free paragliding trip!

On Friday, Nov. 20th Uprock is adding a twist to the already hoppin' Friday night party...cross-dressing!

Guys: put on your sexiest dress and most flattering makeup!
Ladies: Paint on a mustache and put on a snappy suit! get creative!

During the evening we will be hosting a costume contest (will be held at 1am or later); top prize wins a free day trip to go paragliding with Paraglide Yunnan, runners up will receive alcohol and cash prizes.

DJs Jairkon and Chengcheng will be bringing you the dance tunes and stunning footage of previous paragliding adventures will be playing all night.

Entry is 10yuan, but FREE for anyone in costume!!

Come join the fun and you might walk away with a free paragliding trip!

contact: 15808815075

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