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Calling all condo owners....

bucko (687 posts) • 0

Anybody have water pressure problems in your condo? If so, have you had success in fixing it, or know a company in Kunming who can install a WORKING solution?
I live on the top floor of a 4 story bldg and am lucky to have between 10-15 psi, which should be around 50 normally.

Dr Doom (14 posts) • 0

I feel your pain having been in that situation. When I moved into my last place, first thing i did was check the water pressure as I have lived her awhile and know the problem is common.

A friend of mine had the same problem. They got a little pump installed. Didn't look expensive. About 10cm around x 20 long and was installed via rubber hose running into their instant hot water heater. Was a pain though as it was not an on demand system and noisy. They would just walk over and flip the switch whenever they wanted to take a shower or wash the dishes. Not sure where they got it, but I would imagine that B&Q has such a thing and they have no-haggle installation service or you can DIY depending on what you are dealing with. I had them put in a new insta-hot and was quick and easy.

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

I live on a fourth floor and the pump described by Dr Doom completely solved the problem. 'If' fitted correctly the pump can be operated using a two way switch one of which will automatically start the pump (kitchen or hand basin use). Switch the other way and the pump runs continuously (shower). The model number on mine is: 15WG10 - 10. Last digit is crumpled it could be 'D'. The title in Chinese is translated in English on the pump with the words: Stainless Steel Household Full Pump. On the bottom of the label are the words 'Korea People International Group'. There is more than one make and model. My first went missing during a bathroom refurbishment. When I insisted on it being replaced I found this model (probably second hand) worked exactly the same as the original. Getting the right person to fit the thing is at least as important as the pump itself.

bucko (687 posts) • 0

Thanks for the feedback, but I'm hoping for a solution along a bigger scale. I want a whole house solution whereby a pressure pump would be used on the incoming line and service all faucets and bathrooms in my condo. I don;t want to flip switches. It should sense water demand and switch on. This stuff is available all over the world and probably all made in China. However I need to find a company that does this stuff, and knows what they are doing. $$ is no problem, I just want it working.

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