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Bogdanova Alla (1 post) • 0

What are accommodation rates in Kunming. for 1 bedroom apartment??
Can anyone help

What is best or secure area to stay for foreigners ?
Thanks for your replies.

shevel (1 post) • 0

Depends on your location. But for 1 bedroom apartment the price would't be more than 1500 rmb per month.
We use first ring, second ring and third ring to name the residential zones based on the distance from the city center. I think the areas between second ring and third ring, or the areas close to third is convenient enough, and secure as well.

The best areas for foreigners I think are the central part of Wuhua五华区 and the north part of Panlong盘龙区. North Downtown is a good choice, very local and convenient, but not as expensive as downtown in Wuhua.

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