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Looking for dog flight company

DieJudith (4 posts) • 0


I am in the dilemma of getting a job offer in Europe earlier than I had originally anticipated. Now my dog is behind the required minimum timeline for the export/import policies. He can only travel a few weeks after I will need to leave Kunming.

Is there perhaps any volunteering pet friend who is flying to Central Europe from end of June onwards? And could imagine to take my dog along?

All paper work and final health exam will be arranged in advance. I guarantee to reward for helping!

Even if there is maybe only a small chance, please get in touch.


Orelie Herbel (1 post) • 0

Hello, guys. The question is still relevant! I’m going through a similar issue, so I need your guidance. I’ll be very grateful for your help. Thanks in advance, guys!

livinginchina (232 posts) • 0

That's terrible. Unfortunately I can't help but I feel your pain. My dog passed 2 years ago and it's a terrible thing to be separated from your pet. Hope you find a solution.

DieJudith (4 posts) • 0

My good and I live happily together in Germany now since July. He was able to follow me just one month after I had left.
If you well prepare, have a plan A, B, and C ready, things will happen! @Orelie, I am happy to help and give suggestions whatever I can. At which step are you stuck right now/With what do you need help?

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