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Update on 'Ice boy'

Ocean (1104 posts) • +1

Thanks. It's all too easy sometimes to forget how much real poverty there is in parts of China.

Ishmael (420 posts) • -1

I've been in worse homes than this in Yunnan. Note that 'going to the city' to make money means there's relative poverty at home, and for rural-urban migrant labor there's no labor union in the city.
As we all know, there's a rapidly-expanding urban middle class... private cars, metro... now why is that? And then there are rich guys...

Liumingke1234 (3133 posts) • 0

The husband did say there are no factories or any way to make a living where they live so he really has no choice but to work in the city.

Ishmael (420 posts) • -1

Personally, though, Ice Boy may do all right, thanks to the misplaced public attraction to emotive images rather than to the bother of knowledge or understanding or rational activity. Political leaders and other gimmick salesmen also do well from this syndrome - in fact, without it...?

Liumingke1234 (3133 posts) • 0

Correct. Someone took a picture because they thought it was funny(which it was) but there was a bigger issue that was caught on by the masses and because if it 'ice boy' had a positive outcome. The boy would still be in that poor state if it wasn't for that photo.

JanJal (902 posts) • 0

There's only so many photos like that, that can circulate on internet open for Chinese, before someone gets put away for stirring up trouble, or hurting the feelings of Chinese people.

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