Enough is enough!

beizhan (37 posts) • 0

It would be time for the Yunnan Tourism authority to look into the extraorbitant entrance fees to some of their so called AAAA(AA!?) Tourist attractions! It is indeed getting rediculous and the local authorities should be ashamed of themselves. In Feilaisi they are getting now as far as building a Berlin-Style Wall so tourists are not supposed to see the Meili Xueshan anymore and have to pay to get onto their platform in order to view the mountain! Another example is Puzhehei in the southern Yunnan province. Now the entrance fee there shot up to 160 Yuan per person. I would not mind if these entrance fees would somehow benefit the local population. But no: instead the locals are beeing striped of their land in order to build the usual oversized parking lot and reception centre. (The farmers are getting paid 200 Yuan/Mu/Year) for "renting" their land to the local authorities. Furthermore a local horse-cart driver earns 5 Kuai per per tourist he transports in his cart from the tourist company that runs Puthehei. I am sure that there are more examples like this. Some entrance fees mysteriously double overnight - just like that! Last year one had to pay 50 Kuai to get into the 3 River World Heritage Site in the Nujiang Valley - this year it doubled - without any trace of an upgrade of the local infrastructure or investment. I sincerely hope that the 3 proposed sites for an UNESCO World Heritage status in Yunnan will not get an approval - otherwise we have to get ready for yet another three 200 Yuan scams!

Yuantongsi (713 posts) • 0

I guess tourists should start spending more time in Sichuan, buy a Panda card for 1 Yuan and see the sites (most of the well known ones anyway) for free.

Its very sad that the Yunnan government is ruining its tourist image with these high prices, in the past the whole of China had the rip of the tourist thinking,,now it seems its only in force in Yunnan. Once Thailand and Taiwan are cheaper than Yunnan to travel I guess Yunnan pricing will change.

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