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Thinking of coming to Kunming to study Chinese, I lived in Wuhan before and have an Hsk4.

Now want to reach an Hsk5 or maybe higher saw Yunnan University has good program.

Heard 昆明 is not that bad in

pollution, many good outdoor places to visit,cheap compare to 上海 or 北京

Do you guys recommend this University or Kunming as general for Mandarin learning?

tigertiger - moderator (5084 posts) • +1

Kunming is not bad.
Personally, there are not many good places to visit in Kunming. Kunming is more of a springboard for Yunnan, but many places are at least a day's travel to get to, and when you get there; well Yunnan tourist sites are not cheap. Many of the main tourist sites are in the range of 150-200 rmb entrance, and they will liberate more of your cash inside, avoid these places.
Don't get me wrong, travel is still affordable, but don't assume it is cheap.
General cost of living? You will probably find it more expensive than Wuhan. A lot of fresh foods are similar in price to Shanghai, and some are more expensive, surprisingly.

When choosing a university for study... this has been discussed a lot on here. If you do a search, the search engine on here needs oiling, and so it might be better to google search the item, with 'gokunming' in the search box. E.G. [gokunming learning chinese] or [gokunming university].

RichardPA (2 posts) • +1

I'm not sure how relevant this is to you, as it seems you are looking for a full time program, but others who end up here might be interested in free Chinese classes. My friend is starting a language school in Chenggong, very near to the Toufeng Street subway station. The free lessons would focus on spoken Chinese for English speakers; however the school also has a calligraphy teacher for those who are interested in paying for lessons.

My WeChat id: RichardSpicer

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