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Essential Oils

bluegrass14 (126 posts) • 0

Does anyone know a legit supplier of essential oils in Kunming? Specifically, I'm looking for ingestible oils, and more specifically, for oil of oregano. Thanks for any ideas!

voltaire (225 posts) • 0

Years ago (8 or 9?) there was a wholesaler of essential oils somewhere very near the medical center on the way to the old airport. However, they were peddling oils we associate with Burma, Yunnan and India rather than western herbs, such as those made from fragrant wood species. Frankly I doubt you'll find anything along these lines pre-stocked in Yunnan outside of maybe getting lucky in a high end cosmetics joint. Your best bet is Taobao.

busman's holiday (1 post) • 0

i'd like to know how to make essential oils at home. i wanna use it for skin care. those you buy on the market are watered down or total fake.

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