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Dayle (1 post) • 0

I lived in Kunming in 2003 to 2009,

while there I had a book of Chinese short stories.

I do not remember the name of the Arthur

only a synopsis.

It is about 4 young me on a trading

expedition for there first time and one finds a turtle dragon shell..

Then the book goes


to wondrous

things happening to

all of them because of the

Turtle Dragon shell.

I believe that the book was of

old Chinese


or fables.

It had about 10 different

short stories

I believe that the name of the story


the red fruit.

I really would like to find this story

for my great grand children.

If you think you can help me my WeChat is thom1622
My E mail is

I am now living in the USA.

Thank you Donald R Thomas

alienew (423 posts) • 0

The Book Club will next meet at 6:30PM at The Park on September 5 to discuss Charles Bukowski's collection of poems entitled: sifting through the madness for the Word, the line, the new way - new poems. Although there is a wechat group, all comers are welcome. Please have a suggestion of what we might read next.

alienew (423 posts) • 0

The Book Club will meet again on October 10 at 6:30 at The Park to discuss Robertson Davis' novel, The Cunning Man.

alienew (423 posts) • 0

The Book Club will meet again on November 7 at The Park at 6:30 PM to discuss Sue Hamilton's INDIAN PHILOSOPHY: A VERY SHORT INTRODUCTION. Very informal. There is a wechat group somewhere for the Book Club.

Ishmael (121 posts) • 0

The Book Club will meet on November 21 at The Park at 6:30pm to discuss Arturo Perez Reverte's novel, THE CLUB DUMAS. Always a good idea to read the book before the meeting.

Kongming (81 posts) • 0

The Book Club is still in business, although we haven't had our first meeting of the new semester yet. If you're interested, we do have a WeChat group, Kunming English Book Club, which you can join. Most of our discussions take place there.

Peter99 (1042 posts) • +1

Ive never understood why this club doesnt focus on Asia. Or China in particular.

Not that it would affect me in any way.

But it appears unappealing as it is. Almost like a misconception of what it should be.

Why dont you Kongming shine some light on that.

Ishmael (121 posts) • 0

Because those who show up choose what they want to read, and that only sometimes has to do with China or Asia.

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