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Kunming Business Conference 2014

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Conference Speakers

Dr. Shelette Stewart

Award winning author, entrepreneur, corporate executive, and Associate Director of Business Development for Executive for Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business, Leadership in strategic business planning, marketing, and national account sales with Fortune 500 Companies including The Coca-Cola Company.

Thomas R Fry

Real Estate Broker Executive and business owner, 33 years experience in the technology industry in various positions including President, CEO, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Strategic Marketing Consultant and Accounting Operations Manager. Working with start-up companies to Fortune 500. Former Texas Certified Public Accountant.

Galileo Jumaoas

President of the Greater Dallas Asian American Chamber of Commerce (GDAACC) with specialty in business and economic development. He's also the Executive Director of the Multi-ethnic Education and Economic and Development Center (MEED) providing education, business and community development to low to moderate income individuals from multi-ethic cultural population in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas area.

Dr. Derek Chitwood

President & Director of Rural Development Partners International, a successful Yunnan business providing ceramic water filters to the region. PhD in Environmental Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Southern California.



Grow & Maintaining a Sustainable Business
Starting a Business
Bureaucratic and legal aspects to incorporate and register a new company in China. Explore pitfalls and successful strategies.
Expanding Business Overseas
Business opportunities in the US. Exploring trade partners and agencies. Discover EB5 Visa, tax and other benefits.


Improve Sales & Marketing Goals
Identify the most effective sales technique and explore way to tailor sales techniques for business-consumer models.
Successful Financial Strategy
Develop a solid financial plan. Identify the best resources of financing and capital.


Strategic Business Planning
Understand key elements and develop a comprehensive strategic business plan.
Business Ethics Practices
Maintain a sound business practice with strong moral values and accountability. Underlying principles and Case Studies


Enrich, Motivate and Strengthen

Empowering 2-Day Business Conference with renowned international business leaders on some of the most important business topics.
The conference will be highlighted with Keynote speakers, General Sessions, Luncheon Presentations, Breakout Sessions, Group Exercises and Speaker Panel Discussions. There will be special opportunities to meet and greet speakers and group leaders.

This inaugural conference is presented by the Noah International Consulting Ltd. The special pricing for the 2-day conference is ¥1200 per person at the door (only ¥900 if paid in advance).
Group discount is available. Please contact Noah Training Center for more information.

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13708422801 Ms. Jiang
15087154202 Ms. Duan


(Strategic Business Planning)

8 Steps to Successful Strategic Business Planning

By Dr. Shelette Stewart

When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

How can you leverage strategic business planning techniques to take your organization and initiatives to a higher level of excellence?

How can these tools help you engage your internal and external customers?

This session will offer practical insights, tools, and a step-by-step process for effective strategic business planning that will position you for achieving your key business objectives -- regardless of whether you are an individual contributor or a manager of others.
This program offers fun, engaging, and interactive group learning activities and includes best practices from today’s leading companies.

Starting a Successful Business in Kunming

By Dr. Derek Chitwood

Explore the Ten Principles For Doing Business in Kunming. Insight from a business’s start-up process to become one of the more successful business in manufacturing. This session will discuss the step by step process with an overview of the government regulations and registration process. Learn from speaker’s personal experience along with tips, pitfalls and results.

Exporting and Expanding Business Overseas

By Mr. Gal Jumaoas

• Look at the World outside your company and see if you can find a way to take advantage of global growth.
• Look inside to determine whether your company has the desire and discipline needed to seize those growth opportunities.
• Understand potential customers in the foreign market to discern how to find them and what makes them different from the one’s you are used to.
• Analyze the competition you’ll face in the foreign market and decide whether your company can find a niche in that competitive ecosystem.
• Figure out what capabilities you’ll need – whether they be distribution, warehousing, manufacturing, or regulatory skills to win market share.
• Educate yourself on the cultural differences between your home country and the market and adapt accordingly.

Business Ethics Practice

By Mr. Thomas Fry

Making the right decisions in business and why that matters is the focus of this session. You will learn the basis for making ethical business decisions that can be traced back in history through major cultures of the world. Your “Ethics” may determine your success in working with these interested parties. The world is our marketplace and your ethics may be scrutinized by companies and customers in many other parts of the globe. Apply these principles to maximize your success.

(Strategic Sales & Marketing Goals)

Leveraging Sales & Marketing to Drive Business Results

By Dr. Shelette Stewart

Sales and Marketing are critical to any business.

But, how do you ensure that your sales and marketing techniques exemplify excellence and drive business results?

This engaging and interactive session will offer innovative strategies and tactics for designing the right sales and marketing initiatives for your organization and for your customers and clients.

Regardless of your industry and product or service offering, this session offers the opportunity to learn from best practices from leading companies and provides practical concepts and tools that you can begin applying immediately to your business.

Financial Planning Strategy

By Mr. Thomas Fry

Key components of a financial plan that will enable a company to fund the Business and Marketing Strategies and Goals that have been discussed and set in place by the management team in previous activities and meetings. This session will cover historical financial performance, resources utilized to analyze assets available, tracking results and assessing progress.

Starting a Business - in USA

By Mr. Gal Jumaoas

Simple steps for starting your business in USA with discussions on Start-up Basics along with Assessing Your Entrepreneurial Journey, Details and legal matters, Funding and cash management, Business & Marketing Plan.

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