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About the Event:

DeepSide is a dance party focusing on groove and rhythm. Because of its love for House Minimal Techno and other styles, it strives to share more rich, restrained, and profound high-quality music with you. We strive to create an inclusive and friendly dancing environment so that everyone can enjoy dancing and have fun here.

About the artists:


DJ 12 ,the owner of the twelve o'clock tattoo studio. Decided to become a DJ after attending hundreds of parties. He hates music like “roller coaster”.He is good at mixing psychedelic vocals with regular drums. The genre of his goes to techno, deep house.

No Order

For music, his enthusiasm and passion never ceased. Being obsessed with digging all day, and also keen on marathon parties of dozens of hours. In Kunming, No Order has led/participated in launching several party events with extraordinary influence. He is fond of progressive mechanical beauty, and also has a strong passion for unexpected psychedelic grooves.

Breaking out of the limitations of the definition of music style, in his set, there are Techno, House, Bass, Breaks...With the desire for expression that nowhere to place, he is eager to tell a wonderful story with each set. The adventure is about to begin, and wish you a pleasant journey.


3•Ri-Yunnan•Kunming (distribution room) electronic music label director

3•Ri is good at Deep Tech/Progressive House and uses these two music styles in every party performance with his unique charm and his musical soul from his heart, which has always been the purest love for 4/4 music!

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