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Halloween: Hang The DJ


Friday Oct. 30 - Halloween weekend starts with HANG THE DJs!

Hu Yang and Juhstynn are the founding members of Southwest Groove Committee. They both used to reside in Beijing – each co-organising some of the best underground parties in the capital – but now live south of the clouds in China's southwest Yunnan province. They share a deep love for original rave culture, eclectic music, and good old-fashioned vinyl records. Other interests of theirs include: the region's wild edible mushroom varieties skillfully foraged by knowledgeable locals who venture high up into the mountains in search for hidden treasures, blue skies, and broken sync buttons.

For their 'Hang the DJs' horror disco special, they'll be digging up a variety of their finest killer trax and sinister party anthems for you to get down and dirty to in the deep dark depths of Dada hell. They say there's something evil out there… possessed by a force that doesn't belong to this world - so we've put them on the Dada Kunming guestlist. Because of the music that will constantly play, prepare to burn down the disco and hang the blessed DJs!

Hu Yang和Juhstynn是西南律动委员会的发起人,他们俩过去都曾经生活在北京,两人各自都在首都组织过一些最具地下精髓的电子音乐派对。如今他们都居住在中国的彩云之南 - 云南省,他们热衷于纯粹的Rave文化,多元而精挑细选的音乐和老传统“黑胶唱片”,就像他们乐于发现在广袤的云南高原上经验丰富的当地人涉险跋涉在高山间的野生菌宝藏,还有毁掉CDJ上的SYNC按钮。当然他们最大的兴趣莫过于在最适合的俱乐部场地与你相见,在派对之后聊一聊以上内容。

对于“Hang the DJs”悬挂DJ万圣节惊奇迪斯科特别夜,他们将致力于挖掘最奇货可居的杀手级唱片和经典的派对“国歌”,让你沉醉在深邃不可见底的Dada殿堂。他们说,那个世界有些魑魅魍魉 ...... 被一股不属于这个世界的力量所支配,所以我们将这些鬼魅放在Dada昆明的邀请名单上。因为音乐不会停止,请随着Disco燃烧,并且悬吊被祝福的DJ们。

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