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Fraîcheur de Vivre


“Fraîcheur de Vivre”

The Chinese meaning of this French sentence is "fresh life" (which was given to us by French friend Mila). It is probably the best title of "fraîcheur de Vivre , Xu Yun, Ju Hongshen's artistic works Exhibition".

It has been nearly 20 years since we moved from Kunming to Beijing for work. In retrospect, the summer of 2020 is actually the first summer we have spent in Kunming during these busy years. Naturally, it has become our most "fresh life".
We came to Uncle Paul's shop by accident. And we became acquainted with Mr Lao Na and Melody (they are kind and easy-going people) at the corner of Tian jun Dian Lane. We found them because of Mr Li Xiao yao Baguette. Li Xiao yao is a Frenchman. Although we never met him, someone told us that he is a smart, industrious, lovely, good-natured and handsome man. After eating "Li Xiao yao’s Baguette" for nearly three months, we came to the conclusion that "Li Xiao yao’s Baguette must be the best Baguette in the world. The new owner of Paul’s shop is a gentle boss who loves rafting, driving and is willing to help others. Melody, who once studied art and design, talked endlessly with us when we met. I like Paul’s shop because firstly, it

is only two or three hundred steps away from my home in Kunming. Secondly, there is a strong cultural atmosphere here left by the old Southwest Associated University around Yunnan University, Cui hu (The famous Green Lake in Kunming), Wenhua Lane, and Tian jun dian lane. Under the blue sky and white clouds, everyone's life has its own color. It's also the most relaxing time of the day to buy a baguette and chat with Kunmingese, French, Americans and Italians who come and go. Almost forgotten by us, the leisure and the laziness of life in Kunming, with the pleasant feeling of being alive gradually came back.
2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia has changed the life of every person in the world. The artistic works exhibited here are the works that have been done in Kunming between June and September , although these works are limited by some concrete themes and contents. Painting is a way for us to record our life... And these works also represent our way to see the world ... These expressions undoubtedly reflect our life in the era of an epidemic and the refraction of various information.

In 2020, although the epidemic has forcibly changed everyone's life plan, it can't change our hope for fresh life. Thank you for coming!

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Paul's Shop • 13 Tianjundian Alley, Wenlin Jie